Introducing carbon fibre lift cabins and shafts - a world first

Innovative and exciting, carbon fibre lift cabins offer unparalleled design flexibility to deliver a client's unique vision.

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Flexible Design

The simplicity of the design and special qualities of carbon fibre provide virtually unlimited creative freedom. Working with clients, designers and architects, we create lift cabins that are unique and luxurious, in complete harmony with their surroundings.

  • Taurini

    Transforming rare and unusual stones into exquisite and breathtaking interior finishes, providing bespoke designs to deliver a client’s vision.

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  • Acrylic Couture

    Using the finest acrylic glass and exclusive material inlays and meshes to create radiant pieces of art – glass, but in a completely new light.

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  • Edelschmied

    Employing 3D printing technology to produce inspirational and exclusive interior accessories, customised to meet each client’s design specification.

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  • LCD Textile

    Makers of limited edition fabrics woven from fibre and metal to create beautiful, light-filled textiles.

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  • Microtex

    Producers of the highest quality carbon fibre material in a wide range of colours and weaves

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Versatile Application

Ocean Blue