About Us

Who we are, what we do and why our carbon lifts define excellence.

Opulent Designs is the only company providing bespoke carbon fibre lift cabins and shafts, delivering an exciting and innovative product to the ultra-luxury residential and superyacht sectors. We will deliver an exclusive product to each client, sculpting our lift cabins to reflect their vision through bespoke selection of the colour, weave pattern and design of the carbon fibre, and exclusive and opulent floor, ceiling and handrail finishes.

The result is a moving piece of art, a collector's item. Opulent Design' carbon fibre lift cabins and shafts are built for the company in the UK by carbon fibre designer and manufacturer Supernatural-X Ltd.

Totally bespoke lift cabins Lift cabins are totally bespoke - individually designed to offer clients a truly opulent and unique product. Cabins are based on Halo, Opulent Designs' revolutionary design where 2 concentric carbon fibre rings are connected by a single carbon fibre column at the back of the cabin.

Fibre solutions for niche automotive designers Opulent Designs also offers carbon fibre solutions to niche automotive designer / manufacturers specialising in the revival of classic motors, where the material's light weight offers significant advantages in the reinvention of these classics as electric vehicles.